Andrea Repetto Vargas, MICI Director. She is a lawyer, expert in conflict resolution, dialogue processes, and accountability mechanisms Read more

Argentine lawyer, specialized in dialogue, conflict prevention and conflict management. Languages: Spanish, English, French and Portuguese Read more

Costa Rican lawyer with extensive experience in the field of international law and accountability mechanisms. Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese and French. Read more

Colombian national with experience in conflict resolution, accountability, and public policy design and analysis. Read more

Venezuelan and Spanish citizen with experience in advising operational teams and managers of infrastructure and energy projects. Languages: Spanish and English. Read more

Costa Rican Polyglot, Master in Digital Transformation of Business and a Case Assistant in the Consultation Phase. Read more

Mariana Devercelli, a Peruvian and U.S. national, works as an Investigation Associate for the Compliance Review Phase since July 16, 2023. Read more

María Elisa is a native Spanish speaker, in addition she is fluent in English. Read more

Dalia Stein, a citizen of Mexico, has been a Case Assistant for the Compliance Review Phase since September 2023.  Read more

Mexican citizen with extensive experience in the administrative field and on issues concerning the operation of the Bank’s Board of Executive Directors. Languages: Spanish and English Read more

Sebastian Gonzalez, a Portuguese and Colombian citizen, is an Associate in MICI’s Dispute Resolution team. Read more

Andrea Guevara, an Ecuadorian lawyer, with specialization in international environmental law. She has experience in environmental and social strengthening in accountability mechanisms. Read more

Brazilian national, she is a Communications Consultant. Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English and French. Read more

Argentinian, with experience in conflict resolution and public policy, developed through his work with civil society organizations and the public sector. Languages: Spanish and English. Read more

Esteve Sala, Communications Officer of MICI, has over 20 years of professional experience in Journalism, Corporate Communications and digital media projects. Read more

Mexican citizen, with experience in both the private and public sectors in Mexico, with a focus in the aviation industry and social communications. Languages: Spanish and English. Read more

Cecilia La Hoz Barrera is a dual citizen of Peru and the United States (U.S.) and is a lawyer with extensive expertise in international human rights law. Read more

Our people
Director Andrea Repetto Vargas
Consultation Phase Coordinator Gastón Aín Bilbao
Coordinator, Compliance Review Phase Kattya Araya
Case Officer, Consultation Phase María Camila Barriga 
Case Officer, Compliance Review Phase Amanda Beaujon
Case Assistant, Consultation Phase Anja Brenes Solano
Investigation Associate, Compliance Review Phase Mariana Devercelli
Case Analyst Maria Elisa Dugo
Case Assistance, Compliance Review Phase Dalia Stein
Senior Office Support and Administrative Assistant Rebeca García
Dispute Resolution Associate, Consultation Phase Sebastian Gonzalez
Case Officer, Compliance Review Phase Andrea Guevara Mantilla
Communications Consultant Camila Luz
Case Officer, Consultation Phase Martin Packmann
Communications Officer Esteve Sala
Registration Officer Esteban Tovar
Consultant, Compliance Review Phase Cecilia La Hoz Barrera