What can a complaint be about?

Complaints handled by MICI must refer to actual or future harm resulting from possible noncompliance with environmental and social policies and standards in a project financed by the IDB Group.

Who can file a complaint?

Two or more persons residing in the country where a project financed by any of the IDB Group institutions (IDB, IDB Invest, and IDB Lab) is being carried out. If they prefer, they may designate a representative (e.g., a community leader or NGO), provided that all complainants give their written consent. MICI does not accept anonymous complaints and therefore applicants must be fully identified. However, if there is a risk of reprisal and if the complainants so request, MICI will protect their identity at all times.

Why file a complaint?

A complaint is an additional opportunity to prevent undesirable or unforeseen harm caused by IDB Group projects. It is a way to ensure that projects have the greatest positive impact on the region’s communities and are implemented in full compliance with current environmental and social policies and standards. A complaint draws the attention of the Board of Directors and Management to a problem, and the MICI process makes it possible to listen to the parties involved and develop options to resolve the issues raised, either by seeking an agreement or by opening a formal investigation. Complaints are also useful for generating lessons on environmental and social sustainability issues, strengthening the commitment of the IDB Group to sustainable and equitable development.

When can I file a complaint?

MICI is a mechanism of last resort. Before accessing MICI, and unless there is a fear of reprisals, the complainants must have tried to bring their complaint to the attention of the teams in charge of the IDB or IDB Invest project. If these efforts are unsuccessful or involve lengthy delays, then complainants may file a complaint with MICI.

There are also time limits: the project must have already been approved by the Board of Directors, and requests submitted more than 24 months after the close of the operation (the Bank’s last disbursement to finance the project) cannot be processed.

How do I file a complaint?

Please refer to our Guide to filing a complaint, which includes a sample letter and a checklist of key requirements. You can send us your complaint, in any language of the region, by email, mail, or fax to the MICI office.