Suriname - Suriname - Support for the Sustainable Development of the Interior

Country: Suriname

Reception date: October, 15 2013

Current Status: Closed

Dr. Daniel Peplow in representation of the Wayana of Suriname indigenous community

Summary of the Request

The Request presents a number of negative effects faced by the Wayana Community as a result of the implementation of development policies, and negative impacts on health produced by gold mining activities in the region of the Interior of Suriname.

The Request also raises the need for improvements at the policy level to advance the current situation. In this regard, the Requester asks for support with the organization of an event that allows dialogue between senior stakeholders with the objective of promoting structural adjustments in Suriname´s policies and programs and to address present economic and health challenges in the region of the interior.

MICI actions

The Request was transferred to the Consultation Phase and declared ineligible by the Eligibility Committee on December 26, 2013, as it did not meet the criteria stablished in paragraph 40 of the Policy subparagraphs (b) and (e), the latter related to exclusion 37 (f). The Requester has not expressed interest to have his Request considered in the Compliance Review Phase.

Project Number:


Environmental Category:


Project Name:

Support for the Sustainable Development of the Interior



Project Type:

Technical Cooperation

IDB Invest Financing:

USD 630,484.87

Steps and milestones Date Remarks Documents
Filing of Request


Request received by Executive Secretariat



October 15, 2013





Notice of registration of Request and transfer to the Consultation Phase



November 13, 2013



Eligibility for the Consultation Phase


Eligibility due date



December 6, 2013

(15 business days from date of transfer to the Consultation Phase)



Eligibility revised due date



December 26, 2013

First extension: December 12, 2013. Second extension: December 26, 2013.



Issuance of Eligibility Memorandum



December 26, 2013

The Eligibility Memorandum is published after it is distributed to the Board of Executive Directors.



Eligibility memorandum distributed to the Board of Executive Directors



January 24, 2014