Mexico - Mexico - Etileno XXI

Country: Mexico

Reception date: April, 29 2014

Current Status: Closed

Confidentiality was requested

Summary of the Request

The Request presents potential impacts to the health and economy of the Requester alleged to have been caused by conditions to which she was exposed in the workplace.

MICI actions

The Request was transferred to the Consultation Phase and is being analyzed by the Eligibility Committee. 

The Request MICI-ME-2014-080 was declared ineligible by the Eligibility Committee of the Consultation Phase for not complying with the eligibility requirements established in section 40 subsections (f), (g), (h) and (e) of the Policy.

Prior to transferring the Request to the Compliance Review Phase, the Requester decided to withdraw from the process once she understood that the concerns raised did not imply non-compliance with policies on the part of the Bank, nor were they related to the mandate of the Mechanism. In view of the above, the case has been closed.

Project Number:


Environmental Category:


Project Name:

Etileno XXI



Project Type:

Loan Operation

IDB Invest Financing:

USD 285,000,000.00

Steps and milestones Date Remarks Documents
Filing of Request


Request received by Executive Secretariat



April 29, 2014

The summary of the Request is available in the original language in which it was received




Notice of registration of Request and transfer to the Consultation Phase



May 12, 2014



Eligibility for the Consultation Phase


Eligibility due date



June 3, 2014

(15 business days from date of transfer to the Consultation Phase)



Issuance of Eligibility Memorandum



June 6, 2014

The Eligibility Memorandum is published after it is distributed to the Board of Executive Directors.



Eligibility memorandum distributed to the Board of Executive Directors



June 23, 2014