Curitiba's Sustainable Urban Mobility Program — Request II

Country: Brazil

Reception date: July, 26 2023

Current Status: Open


A group of Residents of the city of Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil.


Summary of the Request

The Request describes potential harm to the Requesters' living conditions from the eviction of a commercial property for the construction of the Project.

Specifically, the Request alleges that the Project is compensating only property owners, but not occupants or tenants, and therefore no payments for lost profits or resettlement options are contemplated.



Recent actions

During the Assessment stage, because of the Program’s resettlement plan, the startup of the execution of its works, and the Requesters needing a resolution of their situation in view of their impending economic resettlement, MICI detected the need to formulate a reduced, intensive process aimed at resolving the dispute as quickly as possible. Therefore, the Assessment and the Consultation Phase stages were carried out together.


On October 30, 2023, as a result of a collaborative dialogue facilitated by MICI, the dispute resolution process culminated with the signing of an agreement between the Municipality of Curitiba, IDB Management and the Requesters. The Parties agreed on a set of support measures that would ensure that the transition of the Requesters’ business to a new location was efficient, planned and with a minimized impact to their livelihood.


On December 11, 2023, the Assessment and Consultation Phase Report, which includes the Agreement reached and its Monitoring Plan, was distributed to the Board of Executive Directors for consideration under short procedure. With the approval of the Monitoring Plan by the Board of Directors on December 15, the Monitoring Stage of the Agreement began. Full compliance with the Agreement is expected in 2024.


Past actions

On August 1, 2023, MICI notified the Requesters and IDB Management of the registration of the Request.

On September 18, 2023, the MICI determined that the Request was eligible because it met all the eligibility criteria set forth in the MICI Policy.

The eligibility determination process has at no time been an investigation of the Project or to the IDB . The fact that the Request was declared eligible is not a determination of compliance or non-compliance by the institution with its Policies.

The Request was referred to the Consultation Phase by decision of the Requesters.


Project Number:


Environmental Category:


Project Name:

Curitiba's Sustainable Urban Mobility Program



Project Type:

Loan Operation

IDB Financing:

USD 106,700,000

Consultation Process
Recommendation for a CR and ToRs
CR Report


Consultation Phase (CP)

Compliance Review Phase (CRP)

Chronology and documents

Steps and milestonesDateRemarksDocuments


Request Receipt



Notice of Registration

2023-08-015 business days from the date of receipt of the Request or 15 business days when further information is required from the Requesters.


Management Response

2023-08-3021 business days from the date of notice of registration. The response will be published as an annex to the Eligibility Memorandum. 


Eligibility due date

2023-09-2921 business days from the date of receipt of Management Response or 45 business days after the Suspension is granted. 


Eligibility Memorandum Public Disclosure

2023-10-04As per the Access to Information Policy (OP-102) the disclosure of this document is done simultaneous to its distribution to the Board of Executive Directors.
Consultation phase


Deadline for Assessment

2023-12-0540 business days from the date of issuance of the eligibility memorandum. 


Assessment Report Public Disclosure

2023-12-11The the Assessment and the Consultation Phase stages were carried out together, for this reason, a single report (available below) was prepared.
Consultation Phase Process


Consideration by the Board of Executive Directors of the Consultation Phase Report

2023-12-11Start date of Board consideration by short procedure.


Consultation Phase Report Public Disclosure

2023-12-15Disclosure of this document takes place after Board consideration.