Water and Sanitation Program for Urban and Suburban Centers (PAyS)

Country: Argentina

Reception date: April, 19 2021

Current Status: Closed



Summary of the Request

The Request describes potential environmental harm to the community, as well as patrimonial and health issues for the Requesters, due to the future construction and implementation of the sewage collection and treatment system within the framework of the Project.

Specifically, the Requesters indicate that the system would represent significant environmental damage to the different bodies of water (rivers and lakes), riverbanks, and beaches in the area, which they allege would be contaminated with spills. They add that these bodies of water and beaches are used by both residents and tourists for recreational activities, as well as for the provision of drinking water, so any alteration of these could cause significant damage to health.

The Request adds that the Environmental Impact Study generated would be incomplete by not correctly detecting the area impacted by the Project and its environmental implications in protected areas and vulnerable ecosystems, as well as by not offering viable alternatives for its implementation. In the same way, it indicates that it has not received complete information about the Project, nor has it been correctly consulted about it.

Lastly, the Requesters warn of potential damage to their property since several of the contemplated works, such as pumping stations and pipelines, would be planned on private property and not on public domain properties, as currently reported.

Recent actions

On May 12, 2021, the Request was not registered since, as the Mechanism is a last resort instance, it is necessary for the applicants to contact the Project Team (Administration). They were notified that there is always the possibility of resubmitting the Request to the MICI if they consider that their concerns have not been addressed within a reasonable period of time. The parties were notified and the MICI process was concluded.

It is important to note that the Notification of Non-Registration is not an assessment of the merits of the Application or the issues presented in it. Nor is it a determination of compliance or non-compliance by the IDB with respect to its Pertinent Operational Policies.

Past actions

On April 23, 2021, MICI granted the Requesters a maximum period of 10 business days to submit the information required to continue with the Request process (paragraph 20 of the MICI Policy). The term expires on May 7, 2021.

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Water and Sanitation Program for Urban and Suburban Centers (PAyS)



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Loan Operation

IDB Financing:

USD 199,920,515

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Notice of Registration


5 business days from the date of receipt of the Request or 15 business days when further information is required from the Requesters.


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