Argentina - Argentina - Programa de Mejoramiento de Barrios II (PROMEBA II)

Country: Argentina

Reception date: November, 24 2010

Current Status: Closed

Mr. José Rafael Gauna en representación de la “Fundación Hugo Gauna”

Summary of the Request

The Request presented to the ICIM, presents the concerns of Fundación Hugo Gauna, the organization responsible for all public works in the area of the Project, about the negative impact that the construction of access roads would have in the area of the botanical garden that houses a building where since 2002, several activities targeted for more than 70 children and youth at risk including educational, religious, touristic and other related to social assistant are being conducted. The Request indicates that the Requester was not consulted at any stage of the Project.

MICI actions

As part of the Eligibility Analysis, the Project Ombudsperson suggested the Requester to contact the Executive Agency and IDB representatives. Those conversations ended in an agreement among the Parties through which the Urban Development and Housing Branch (SDUV) agreed to modify the original plans of the Project. As a result, the Requestor informed the Project Ombudsperson about his satisfaction and the consequent decision on the part of Fundación Gauna to withdraw the Request presented to ICIM.

In view of the agreement among the Parties prior to the Eligibility Analysis, and in the absence of any harm or potential harm that would warrant the need of a Consultation Process, on March 10, 2011, the Project Ombudsperson declared the Request ineligible for the Consultation Phase.

Project Number:


Environmental Category:


Project Name:

CCLIP Neighborhood Upgrading Program, First Individual Project



Project Type:

Loan Operation

IDB Invest Financing:

USD 349,999,999.63

Steps and milestones Date Remarks Documents
Filing of Request


Request received by Executive Secretariat



November 24, 2010





Notice of registration of Request and transfer to the Consultation Phase



December 2, 2010



Eligibility for the Consultation Phase


Eligibility due date



December 23, 2010

(15 business days from date of transfer to the Consultation Phase)



Eligibility revised due date



January 5, 2011




Issuance of Eligibility Memorandum



March 10, 2011

The Eligibility Memorandum is published after it is distributed to the Board of Executive Directors.



Eligibility memorandum distributed to the Board of Executive Directors



April 4, 2011